My name is Tadas Stumbrys. I am a psychologist, lecturer and researcher. My scientific research mainly focuses on the phenomenon of lucid dreaming. Lucid dreams are dreams during which the dreamer becomes aware that he or she is dreaming and often can influence the dream content – e.g. to participate actively in the dream, carry out deliberate actions in the dream, and direct the dream plot.

I have been involved in lucid dream research since 2008, when I had the first my own lucid dream. I became fascinated by this amazing our inner world, its realness, depth, and possibilities within it.

In this topic with colleagues we have conducted different studies and published a number of articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals. Lucid dreams, their induction and application in sports was also the topic of my doctoral dissertation at Heidelberg University – the oldest university in Germany.

Currently I am based in Lithuania where I am running seminars and workshops on lucid dreams and working academically.

Happy and lucid dreaming! 😉